Benefits of Rubber Gym Flooring

Over the last few years people have come to realize there are so many amazing benefits to having rubber gym flooring, as opposed to carpet, concrete or hardwood. These floors are great for both home and commercial gyms. For those who are unsure of what type is best for you, we will share some of the advantages of installing rubber floors.


Rubber gym flooring is highly durable. If properly taken care of, it can last 20 years or more. Many business choose to place it in high traffic areas for this very reason. Aside from being resilient, rubber flooring is also low maintenance. Carpet will become worn out in a gym setting, but you won’t see this type of wear with rubber. You also don’t get that annoying static build up that happens when there is too much friction on carpet. The materials used in production make it resilient against staining, mildew and mold. Gym equipment can cause major damage to hardwood and concrete floors; chips and cracks are common. This is costly annoyance you will be able to avoid. While the cost of rubber flooring may be somewhat higher, it’s durability is well worth the investment in the long run.

Injury Prevention

Rubber flooring is an excellent shock absorber. People who participate in high impact workouts will benefit greatly. It reduces the stress on joints and prevents injuries like shin splints and ankles sprains.The non-slip texture helps to prevent falls. In the event there was a fall, you are less likely to hurt yourself on floors that have rubber padding. It also prevents vibrations of gym equipment, which can be hard on the body over time.

Sound Reduction

Both commercial gyms and home gyms tend to be very loud areas. The combination of people, equipment, impact noise music and televisions can become quite annoying. Rubber flooring is the perfect option for absorbing sound that many people are unaware of. This is very beneficial in home gyms.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycled rubber flooring is very environmentally friendly. For those who are interested in green products this is a great option. Recycled flooring is also more durable than synthetic types. The production process costs less and uses a fraction of the energy other durable flooring types require.

When you take into consideration the environmental benefits, along with durability, safety benefits, indoor air quality friendliness, and other characteristics, rubber becomes an attractive flooring solution.